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Angelic & Usui reiki practitioner

Enjoy a Reiki therapy treatment with relaxing music, a tranquil environment to self care for you...

Some of the benefits of Reiki therapy...

*Reiki puts your chakras–the center of spiritual power in the human body–in balance. When your chakras are balanced, you will begin to feel like you have gained a new perspective on life. Everything will appear clearer – your life, your adversities, your career path, everything.

*It is an effective, non invasive energy healing modality that enhances the body’s natural healing ability whilst energising and promoting overall wellness.

*Reiki has been shown to help those in a negative mood, change and feel more positive through receiving the life force energy and dissolving any energetic blockages.

*Reiki may help you sleep better, even if you have been fighting nighttime depression or insomnia? As you get more sleep, you will feel more energized thus increasing your overall feeling of wellness.

30- 1hr Reiki therapy treatment £55.00